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The first independent radio station was established in May 2003 and broadcasts from Baghdad on the short wave 1180 AM. It was known for its bold and courageous reports in the face of the occupation and confronting the Ba’ath and the supporters of the former regime and the sectarian takfiri organizations.

راديو صوت السلام Peace of God for all! سلام الله للجميع
Country: Baghdad, Iraq

Christian Radio offers programs in several dialects from different Arab countries. راديو مسيحي يقدم برامج بعدة لهجات من مختلف بلادنا العربية.

اذاعة صوت الفرح صوت الفرح، صوت المحبة والابتهاج
Country: Baghdad, Iraq

نحن مجموعة من الشباب العراقي الهادف؛ نسعى لإيصال رسالة مغيّرة للحياة إلى كل فئة تتحدث باللغة العربية داخل وخارج وطننا الحبيب، العراق. تأسست إذاعتنا عام

Genres : Arabic

Sumer Iraqi FM radio broadcasts over 24 hours on the router and on FM frequency 99.8 and 89.2 Mikahrtz. Network offers a variety of programs

Radio Sawa Iraq is a Arabic language regional radio station from Iraq, as part of Radio Sawa network of radio stations broadcasting in the Arab

Radio Dijla الإذاعة الحوارية الأكثر شعبية في العراق
Country: Baghdad, Iraq

Radio Dijla 88.3 FM is a broadcast Radio station from Baghdad, Iraq, provides most popular radio talk shows in Iraq and discussed social issues with

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